Welcome to the Thirst Network

Thirst Network is an exciting new media network currently in development.


Our mission is to create the leading digital media network about beverages.


Thirst Network is a digital media network offering inspiring, entertaining and informative content about the entire beverage experience.


We are currently filming a series of pilots

that will highlight the world of beverages.

Check back often for updates.

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drink. watch. enjoy.



Got a favorite drink?  Find a show that quenches your thirst

Beverages often complement the food we eat, and are just as appealing a topic as food entertainment. Each channel on the Thirst Network will feature shows about a particular beverage category. We want to highlight all aspects of  the beverage experience: from how it’s made, to how it’s mixed, to how it gets into your glass. We hope to share our passion for beverages with you, through great stories, characters, and experiences. 


Our main channels will feature shows about beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, water and specialty beverages.



Watch anywhere, on your favorite device, on your schedule

The Thirst Network will offer engaging, quality programming across multiple streaming platforms and devices. You will be able to watch us on the web via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Delivering an innovative user experience, you can personalize your content preferences by rating the shows you watch. By making it easier to spend more time watching and less time searching, you will be able to discover more content that better matches your interests. And in short, quench your thirst.



Watch for our app on iOS and mobile web, with other platforms and devices to follow:

Streaming TVs

& Video Players

Phones & Tablets

Computers & Laptops



What's happening now on the Thirst Network?

Thirst Network is currently searching for inspiring and entertaining people who are passionate about what they drink. We want you to create a pilot episode that demonstrates your captivating hosting abilities and your exciting show ideas. The more mouth watering, the better. If you can keep us thirsty for more than five minutes, then there’s a good chance that
you belong on the Thirst Network.



Please send us your submissions using the form on the next page.





Become part of the first, all-beverage network from the very beginning.



Check out the growing list of supporters of the Thirst Network

We want Thirst Network to feel like a craft cocktail: proudly and carefully created by hand, specifically for you to enjoy. That is why our supporters matter to us - because they care about refining the craft like we do. We have been very intentional in selecting our partners. Our growing list of supporters are involved with beverage production, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, cooperages, equipment and ingredient supply, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, news outlets, media production and government relations within the beverage community. 

These businesses inspire us, they are innovative, and they really understand the direction our beverage culture is headed.


Please patronize our supporters and discover some of the great things they are doing within their respective fields. This list is always growing, so check back often to see even more!


© Thirst Network

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