coming fall 2015...


Watch episodes about all

your favorite beverages.

On ONE network.

The Thirst Network is an exciting new media network currently in development. Our mission is dedicated to bringing viewers inspiring, entertaining and informative content about all their favorite beverages.


For the first time ever, we're bringing together every major beverage category under one network. That means you'll be able to watch entertaining series and shows about topics like: brewing craft beer at home with a completely clumsy novice, learning from our industry experts how to mix the perfect cocktails, finally discovering the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, being inspired by missionaries working to deliver water and build wells for third-world nations, or understanding the science behind why soda pop makes you burp. All this and much, much more.


Right now, we are creating content, building our network and searching for the coolest people out there to help us get started. Check back often for updates on our progress and please follow us on social media. 



Never run dry with the Thirst Network!

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What's happening NOW

on the Thirst Network?

Thirst Network is currently searching for inspiring and entertaining people who are passionate about what they drink.


We want you to create a pilot episode that demonstrates your captivating hosting abilities and your exciting show ideas. The more mouth watering, the better. If you can keep us thirsty for more than five minutes, then there’s a good chance that you belong on the Thirst Network.



Become part of the only, all-beverage network from the very beginning.


Please send us your submissions using the form on the next page.

Got a favorite drink? Find a show that quenches your thirst. Or "Spin the Bottle" to learn something new.

Each channel on the Thirst Network will be devoted to exciting content that will inspire, entertain and inform viewers about their favorite beverages. These shows will be about much more than just the beverages, too. They will be about how the beverages are made, the people that make them, how a beverage gets from the bottle to your glass, and all the steps in between.



The Thirst Network will also have a feature called "Spin the Bottle" that helps you find a show you've never seen, so that you never run dry trying to find something new to watch.

Watch the Thirst Network anywhere, on nearly any device, on your schedule. 

The Thirst Network will offer engaging, quality programming across multiple streaming platforms and devices. Delivering an innovative user experience, viewers can personalize their content preferences by rating the shows they watch. By making it easier to spend more time watching and less time searching, viewers will be able to discover more content that better matches their interests. And in short, quench their thirst.



Soon we'll begin rolling out apps across the following platforms and devices:

Streaming TVs

& Video Players

Phones & Tablets

Computers & Laptops

© Thirst Network

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